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Perfect Pink Peonies – And Loads Of Other Colors Too

As we move into the fall, we are all used to seeing the days get shorter and the fall colors sneak in one day, when they definitely were not there the day before. Florists and others looking to hold off winter for a few weeks more can look to commercial peonies for a splash of color and a reminder of the days of summer.

Peonies offer fantastic options

It turns out that Alaska is a great place to grow peonies. The cold to temperate climate means the flowers can be harvested at the bud stage immediately before they are shipped.

People needing them for a commercial reason will need to manage when they will come into full blossom, and that’s where peonies really come into their own. Keeping them in a cool place will delay their blossoming.

commercial peonies

Once they come into a warm location it will take between 24 and 36 hours for the buds to open. Effectively they can be timed for the maximum effect for an event or occasion. Even changing the temperature of the water can hold or encourage the buds. Put them into warm water if you wish to bring them on quickly, or cold water if you want to let them flourish in their own time.

Peony blooms are large

Don’t be surprised when peonies end up getting quite large and oversized. It is important for you to leave enough space for each flower to come to a full size in the timing you need.

For the dog days of summer when you’re longing to add a splash of pink peonies are one of the better options available. Be on the lookout for ones grown without pesticides and chemicals too, they will last just a long.